Formula problem in Excel

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I run a national photographic competition and am looking for a way to insert the search function used in windows explorer *-(entrantid)-* into my excel sheet.

My main search formula is =hyperlink\folder\subfolder\this is where i want the formula  and a friendly name of View Images

This is so when i click on the View Images it inserts the entranid into the formula and displays all the images he/she has entered.

If i go to windows explorer and type in *-1234*-  I can view all the entrants images.

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Here is an example of how you could do this:


=HYPERLINK("C:\folder\subfolder\*-" & A1 & "-*\","View Images")



NikolinoDE, thank you for your answer, unfortunately this doesn't open the files. After inserting my file structure this is what i end up with.
=HYPERLINK("\NDPS UK Salon\NDPS UK Salon 2023\Entries\Image Bank\*-" &[@entrantid] & "-*\","View Images")
I keep all the images in an image bank on a drive named NDPS UK Salon and each entrant can enter up to 12 images.
The excel file is titled as -
     A1             A2            etc.
entrantid username
1001       fredbloggs
When i put the formula in I am not getting an error, but on clicking on 'View Image' I get 'Cannot Open the Specified File'
In the image bank, the images are title DI-CRTV-1005-00808.jpg where 1005 is the entrantid.
I have typed in *-1005-* in the search box in explorer and this has the required result showing me all the entrants images at once, but i cannot adapt this for excel.