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  1. Apply a drop-down list to cell M10 (3 states: NSW, QLD, VIC) either from scratch or by copying the validation from M6. Create a formula in cell O10 to calculate the total profit from the jobs in the selected state
  2. Apply a drop-down list to cell N14 (Numbers: 1, 2, 3, …, 9) and apply Conditional Formatting to the Number of people column to find out the number of jobs with more than the number of people in cell N14.

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TAKE DOWN THAT EXAMPLE-- it contains real financial data of real organizations, a "no no" on this site.

Then, if you can, post a file containing fictitious names, a real spreadsheet file, posting it on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and pasting a link here that grants edit access. That makes it a lot easier to help you.