Formula incomplete error won't close

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I accidentally typed a "-" sign into an empty cell, and excel is returning the error message "Your formula is incomplete." The only option for this warning is to press the "OK" button; however, when I do this, it immediately brings the message back up again. I can't access any of my other spreadsheets, and the application itself won't quit, either. Any idea on how I can get rid of this message if the button to close it isn't doing anything? Such a small thing is causing all of Excel to have a fit!


Thank you

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Hello @Taylor_Machette,


Have you tried hitting the Esc key instead of selecting "Ok"?

Hi @PReagan ,


Yes, I have. That doesn't do anything but make a loud error noise on my Mac, unfortunately.



Unfortunately, I have a PC so I cannot replicate your issue. However, I came across this possible solution:


Hope this helps!


Thank you, you have saved my life!