Formula delay

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Whenever I inputted a formula in a cell, the formula showed up with some delay. However, when I inputted number into the cell, it showed up with no delay. May I know how to fix it?

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Do you mean you see result of formula calculation with some delay, or you see formula itself instead of the result?

@Sergei Baklan It is the formula itself.


E.g. when I input "=sum", the text and formula suggestion show up with some delay. However, when I input "sum" without the equal sign, the text can show up with no delay.


If to enter formula by default formula autocomplete starts working suggesting you existing functions and names. You may try to disable it


and check if there is the difference in behaviour or not. Usually it shall be now significant difference, but all depends on your configuration.


@Sergei Baklan your suggestion works well, thank you for your help.:happyface:

@terryli246 , you're welcome