forming a pre meditated paragraph

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I am looking to form a series of pre built paragraph's from a table i have made, effectively I am looking to gather multiple different sentences into one cell. 


the top 9 statements are all faults which are present in some flats (not all) , i want to combine any issues present into one cell for different flats.

does anyone know if there is an easy way of doing this without having to manually type it in for each one? 







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=TEXTJOIN(" ",,FILTER($B$1:$B$9,BYROW($A$1:$A$9=B12:J12,LAMBDA(x,OR(x)))))


With Office 365 or Excel for the web you can apply this formula. The formula is in cell K12 and filled down in this example.

faults in one cell.png

@OliverScheurich Brilliant Works perfectly, Thanks!!