Fixing REF error

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I am trying to make a report to help us remove inactive items in our inventory. I have a PIV table full of our inventory, It incudes the date in columns, Storage area in rows, Item number in rows, and The total counted in the values.           


=IF(E60=0,GETPIVOTDATA("locid",$A$3),"Not Zero")

=IF(E59=0,GETPIVOTDATA("Storage Area", "Short Way"),"Not Zero")

=IF(GETPIVOTDATA("tallyuofm_qty1",$A$3,"Storage Area","Allergen Concept","Item Number",1207)=0,GETPIVOTDATA("Storage Area",$A$3),"Not Zero")

These are the three formulas I have tried.

"locid" is Storage Area 

"Short Way" is the PIV table 

"tallyuofm_qty1" is the total counted 


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