fixed decimal point data entry

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I want to switch it off.

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File\Options\Advanced. Uncheck "automatically insert a decimal point."
Or are you talking about the cell formatted to show decimals? In that case, right click on the cell and select Format Cells. Then you should be able to select a different format or change the number of decimals to zero.

where do I find File\Options\Advanced?


If I enter "1" enter key it shows as ".01"

Excel offers a feature to automatically insert a decimal point:
File\Options\Advanced\"automatically insert a decimal point"

While this is a helpful feature, the down side is that is sets the input formatting for all Excel files; it's a global option. Is there a way to either use conditional formatting or a formula to set this feature for only a designated range of cells or column? I have set up a worksheet to calculate monthly expenses. It would be a great time saver to type in whole values and automatically insert the decimal point before the last two digits. Ex. Typing 555 would auto convert to 5.55.

It seems like this could be a custom format, something like: #,###.##—I tried that but it doesn't work. Why?

Seems like like all of Excel's extensibility this would be an easy fix!?