Find the total sum of Multiple category of value.

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Hey there, 

I've attached sheet with it.

I am trying to figure out the total value of sales for a particular salesman of ST products based on criteria..

In the right side ST Products is given, and in the middle sales data is given..

Salesman suresh have done both the category of st product so i only want to add those values.

How to do that?

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You can try SUMPRODUCT.


Thankyou sooo much for this short method.. Can you please tell me how will i do that if i want to show the same but now this time excluding ST Products. Like i want to show the total amount of Suresh salesman who sold products which are not present in ST Product table?
I would set up another table that contains non ST products and use the same method as before in a new cell. Not sure if there's a better way to do this? Maybe someone else has a better method.