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Quicken exports year-end data which I want to collect for a decade.  I wish to compare expenses by category and subcategory for each year in a decade.  It has the appropriate report, but when the Quicken file is exported it includes all transactions.  There is no option to export only the categories & subcategories with their amounts.


I need to delete about 2000 lines of transactions automatically, each year with a different number of transactions per category/subcategory.  (Otherwise I must enter 115 numbers manually for each of the 10 years.)  The lines I wish to delete have two entries in the columns, each with this format: date and amount. So lines have, for example, 1/30/2010 in one column and $100.99 in the second column.  Nothing else.

I want to search for those 2000 lines and delete them.  It is easy to replace the date with nothing. But that leaves a number in the second column which is right under a number I need to keep. I cannot just search for numbers.

Does Excel provide us with the ability to search for specific lines and then delete the entire line?

I used to write macros in early spreadsheets, but have never written one that works in Excel. I rarely need macros so I never pursued the topic.


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What does the full export look like? There must be some information concerning budget categories and subcategories.


I don't use Quicken, but do use Excel to track my own income and expenses. I WANT it to be a full list of all transactions, and with each transaction I have columns for category and subcategory.  It then is simplicity itself to use Excel's Pivot Table capability to produce exactly that year-by-year report you seem to desire.


No macro, no VBA. Excel does the work. Does Quicken let you export such a set of data? That is to say, an export with at least the following columns, transaction by transaction:



Payee (Payor)