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I have a production spreadsheet that has 6 different category labels (labeled 1 through 6) in a column. I want to extract row data for both single category and multiple categories to separate tabs. I can't seem to get the filter function to extract for more than one value per column. 


Using =FILTER('Tab1'!A1:G100,'Tab1'!D1:D100=1 gets me every row that has a "1" in column D. But how would I write it if I needed to extract rows with a 1 OR a 2 in Column D? The hardest part of finding answers to questions like this is figuring out how to write the question.....intuitively I am asking how to write =FILTER('Tab1'!A1:G100,'Tab1'!D1:D100=1 OR 2 but that doesn't quite work lol.


Trying the multiple criteria option for filter but it doesn't work if I reference the same column twice. Appreciate the help!


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Here is the answer for you.
Well...that was easy enough. Put this monkey at a keyboard long enough and I might have figured that out. Appreciate the assist!