Figuring out slope without Slope function

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I am having to use a program for work that cannot use the slope function like in excel. I am trying to figure out the slope by calculating it out. Below is the x,y values to calculate slope. 


Sum 48.2Sum 51.33
AVG 16.07AVG 17.11


I read online that the below formula is to calculate slope. I enter this formula in excel and it works. I get the same answer using this formula as SLOPE function, which is .9257 or .93



BUT, the problem is I am not able to use this formula in the program for work either. I need to calculate this out and this is what I do with the formula below. The thing is, when I use the below formula I get 1.06 and it should be .93



Does anyone know how to write this above formula to get the correct answer of .93?

I feel like I am missing a parentheses somewhere or reading the SUM/AVERAGE formula wrong. 

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Hi Daniel, Sum und AVERAGE Spills, so you have 3 calculations.


This formula results in0.925: