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I would like to create a drop down list that when you select a certain item from the dropdown menu, it has all the data along with it. Does that make sense? For example: Alaska is the item that would be selected, but I want it to show the data from the cells that fall under Alaska -


01 AK Introduction
02 AK Components of Tank Systems
03 AK Release Detection and Reporting
04 AK State Requirements
05 AK Temporary and Permanent Closure
06 AK Operator Training
07 AK Class C Operator
08 AK Inspections
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Hi, if you have Excel 365 then this is possible. You have to create a named area with the name "Alaska" for the content Alaska. Then you have to create a list for your dropdown. This must be text. So write in the cell: '=Alaska

Then you can select this name in the dropdown. There is just the "=" in front of the name.




After the selection, the area spills down.