Expiry dates help

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I am trying to make a spreadsheet with an expiry date column and was wondering if there was a way that I could set up some conditional formatting to make the dates I put into the expiry column change colour depending on the date?


This is the sheet:



So I would put a date in column "I" as a date, i.e. 30/06/2024, and then it would stay green up until 2 months before that date (30/04/2024) at which point it would turn amber, and then once it got to 30/05/2024 it would turn red to indicate I have a month to buy new paint. 


Any ideas? Thanks!

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Does the attached example return the intended result?

expiry date.JPG

Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I was wanting! And the cells to be able to change colour based the date too.