Excel updates causing performance issues?

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I am using Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.13127.20266) 32-bit on a Dell Precision 7710 with Windows 10 and an extensive user over many years with several files with lots of VB that runs large parts of my business. One file that I use very often has a full calculation pass that is several seconds. Prior to early June 2020, it would take about 30 seconds. Since then until yesterday, the same file was taking 8 seconds. Today, it's back to 31 seconds. I'm guessing the reversion of performance is due to either a Microsoft Office upgrade or Windows upgrade but I'd really like to get my Excel performance back. I know lots of spreadsheet performance tricks so pretty sure it's not that but rather a Microsoft software issue. Can anyone provide an explanation or solution to this? Thank you!

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Pleae check below setting:

File-->Options-->Advanced. On the right panel scroll down to formula and make sure "Enable multi-threaded calculation" is checked. I have uploaded a SS to show where the option is.

@erol sinan zorlu 

I appreciate the reply. Yes, I always keep the "enable multi-threaded calculation" feature on and use all processors on the computer (e.g. 8). Based on several tests, my gut feeling is that there is something in the Excel source code that changed the way multi-threaded logic works with system resources that can significantly impact performance. It's beyond my capabilities so hoping there is someone out there with Microsoft code knowledge that can interpret what changed with the software update within the last two days so it can be restored or re-optimized.


Just providing an update to my question earlier this week ... After a large automatic Microsoft Windows and/or Office update today, my Excel performance is now back to where it was earlier this week and even slightly better than it was before. Thanks to the Microsoft folks!