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I wish to show a description next to a couple of sub-totals (e.g let us say that the sub-totals are in cells G50 & H50). I want the description in, say, cell D50 to show the wording "Profit" or "Loss" depending on whether G50 & H50 are both positive, both negative, or to show Profit/(Loss) if G50 is positive, and H50 is negative - or vice versa.


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You can apply nested IF as well. An alternative besides SWITCH could be IFS.

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Danke sehr, Quadruple Pawn. I understand the logic of the nested "IF" statements, but they are more involved than I had hoped. Thanks again for your response.





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Thanks, that looks neat - I will try it!


If you want a recent function

    3, "Profit",
    2, "Profit/(Loss)",
    1, "(Loss)/Profit",