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Dear Sirs ...


Kindly , looking for help in developing attached excel sheet further , I will elaborate on what is needed :-

First , I have started this sheet many years ago with two parts in it ( it is as a daily excel calendar ) :-

  • Upper part is for my business ( calculating break even point on profit margin provision )
  • Lower part is personal ( income distribution based on % of each expense to total expenses )

Second , profit margin provision is entered manually at day one of each month based on last month average 

Third , weekends take half the daily cost ( sales are usually lower on weekends ) where weekdays take full cost + difference from weekends 

Fourth , total sales needed to break even with cost is calculated based upon profit margin which is divided to weekdays and weekends accordingly

Fifth, I need to automate few things in this sheet :-

  • Need to have profit margin average automated on daily basses ( when data is entered ) . daily profit is at line 11 starts at cell T
  • Need to have all cells with profit margin update to daily average accordingly , for example cells C37 , J20 , K20 , etc.
  • Lost sales to break even point starts at line 12 cell T ( based on provision )  , need a formula at cell K20 to add lost sales daily after dividing it to remaining weekdays , same at cell P20 for weekends ( keeping in mind profit margin average ) , Also , if sales exceed the break even point , the formula will subtract from remaining weekdays for cell K20 and weekends for cell P20.  

This it for know , we will fine tune accordingly 


Thanks in advance 

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