Excel Not Formating Dates

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I have a column of dates in my table, but Excel is not recognising a handful of them in the same format as the rest. This is causing big issues if I have to search for relative dates or sort the dates accending/descending- as it leaves them out. 
I have attempted to select all the dates and format them together, but it didn't work. Selecting the format and retyping each date worked for a while, but that has stopped working. 
In the attached image, all unselected dates are not recognised in the same format as the rest. 
Help PLEASE...

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 11.58.45.png

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Select all those cells, click Data, Text to columns and click Finish. That should "sort" the issue. Question is: How did the misbehaving dates get into your spreadsheet to start with?