excel merge/unmerg error

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I have a huge excel book where I created an inventory for my crafting products

One sheet has in upper left corner a 1 and a 2 under it, with a line to the right with an adjacent minus or plus box that toggles.  I tried to get rid of it and received a popup message that said I couldn't edit it in a merged cell.  I un-merged and when I clicked that, all my data disappeared on this sheet, 400+ rows at least.  I tried to recover it and probably made it worse by all the clicking around incorrectly.  I searched in File Versions to try and pick up the entire book before this error happened, but there was no file recent enough to have all the recent data I added to the book.  I left my computer on for now.  I don't know what to do next to get my sheet back.  I do have a back-up on an external drive if all else fails but I have never recovered anything before from it, so not familiar with the procedure.  I will be so grateful for any suggestions on what to click next.  

Sincerely, Judith


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Does Undo (Ctrl+Z) help? Or did you close the workbook?

Undo did not work. It was the first thing I tried.


I'm very sorry but I fear you're out of luck...