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need to know how to count skips in a column want to count skips each time i update it.






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This formula, adjusted for the correct top and bottom row, will count empty cells..



However, I want to ask what the nature of this spreadsheet is (if you don't mind): In general, even though it might make reading a spreadsheet easier for the human user, that kind of arrangement of data should be saved for the output or reporting end of things. Having empty rows (or empty cells in a column) of data to be processed in some way or other can make the work that Excel has to do more problematic, potentially more error prone.


what i wanted it to do is number the skips 1234 then skip@mathetes hits then count and number the skips.




the nature of the spreadsheet is if(or function. it tells me how often a number hits and skips b fore it hits again.


To count the number of skips in a column, you can use a formula that counts the number of blank cells in that column. In Google Sheets, the formula to use is =COUNTBLANK(range), where range is the range of cells you want to count the blank cells in. For example, if your column is A and you want to count the blank cells in A1:A100, the formula would be =COUNTBLANK(A1:A100).

You can also use conditional counting formula like =COUNTIF(A1:A100,"") if you want to only count blank cells.

You can then set up a script or macro to automatically update the count each time the column is updated. Read more...



Not sure if that's what you want.
Assume you will have another column to number the skips.
The first cell of the column will be =IF(O4="",1,"")
The second cell of the column will be =IF(O5="",MAX($P$4:P4)+1,"")
Just fix the first cell in the max function range and don't fix the end cell of the range.