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Hello everyone,


I am attempting to set up an IF formula for multiple codes of date.

I am trying to set up the formula where is Column E has the "GA" code- Column F will populate with "REG". I need to do something like this for all job codes showing below in Column E.

If column E says BEREAVEMENT HQ I need column F to say BRV

If column E says HOL HQ I need column F to say HOL

If column E says PTO HQ I need column F to say PTO

if column E says JD HQ I need column F to say JD

If column E says ROUND I need the formula to ignore the item and not generate anything


I have a base formula and I tried switching some information around but the formula shows as an error. Can someone please help me? Thank you

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=IF(E2="BEREAVEMENT HQ","BRV",IF(E2="HOL HQ","HOL",IF(E2="PTO HQ","PTO",IF(E2="JD HQ","JD",IF(E2="ROUND","",IF(E2="GA","REG",""))))))

You can try a nested IF formula. I assume that there are exact values (e.g. BEREAVEMENT HQ and HOL HQ) in column E as shown in your screenshot.

nested if formula.JPG 

Thank you SO SO MUCH. I entered the formula you provided and all codes worked.
I was also able to add the GA code based off the formula you provided. Thank you so so much for all your help!