Excel: How to populate a column in one sheet with only another column of another sheet?

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Hi, I am trying to improve some datasheets for my research and I'm trying to figure out how to streamline some stuff.


Basically, I have three sheets "Sheet 1" "Sheet 2" and "Sheet 3". They're all filled with separate data but they're all connected by Column A, which is Ind_Code. Usually what I do is I copy and past the value Inc_Code from Sheet 1 (the original sheet with all ind data) to the other sheets but I am wondering if there is a way to automatically populate Sheet 2 and Sheet 3 of Column A? Actual column names have been changed and all that from my orginal datasheet.


So for example, here is how Sheet 1 is set up:


Ind_CodeDateNameColorHair_Pres?(Sheet 2)Clothes_Pres? (Sheet 3)


What I am looking for is that when the column "Hair_Pres" = TRUE, the Ind_Code automatically pops up in Sheet 2, but not Sheet 3 as it is FALSE. Then, if "Clothes_Pres" = TRUE, the Ind_Code would pop up in Sheet 3 but not Sheet 2 as it is FALSE. Is this possible using functions?



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If you have Excel 365 then you can use FILTER
=FILTER(A:A, E:E="TRUE", "")
so the format is FILTER( range-to-filter, conditional, if-not-found )
so the range to filter could be A:A for just column A or A:F for the whole table or if you are using Table Format it could be Data-Set[Ind_Code]
the conditional can be simply E:E to return when column E returns anything that evaluates as true or specifically E:E="TRUE" if that is text or you can do something like (E:E="TRUE)*(F:F="FALSE") to only return rows with TRUE in column E AND FALSE in column F

@Jasmine770 Following formula will work to all version of excel. You may download the attached file.