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Excel graph, need to label the date where the trendline (extended to future) crosses target value

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Excel 365 on a Mac. I've googled for answers but am not hitting the right search criteria. I almost have it, but not quite. I got the graph to display a label with the last (target) value, but the label is pushed off to the left of the graph and dragging it right doesn't quite get to the trendline. It is also difficult to see the actual date of that last value since there is no intercept mark (or, better, a vertical line to the X date axis). The last value represents when the last available spot will be used.


Also, I would like to be able to add separation of the X dates, skipping some to make the labels readable instead of crowded together overlapping. And, alternatively, to just remove all the labels except the final target value.


These charts show my current situation. In the 2nd chart I added labels but they are crowded. So I am trying to find the way to display just every X label so they can be read. On that chart you can also see a label "511" which is a point on the trendline (the last data item of interest). As you can see it is off to the left and its intersection with the trendline and the date must be roughly estimated visually. I want to show the mark on the curve where it intersects and, ideally, to also indicate its date from the X axis. The earlier labels can be set to not display (but I am interested to learn how to show every X label).


The trendline is polynomial order 2. I do not know which option to use for the most accurate trendline, but this one "feels" like it would be best. How to know?


Thank you in advance for your help!






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I edited my post to add additional information and example charts.