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Hello.  I am trying to have my work order form in Excel auto number the work order number with each new form.  Is there a way to do this?  My work order number is in column K row 7 and I would like the number to increase by 1.  For example:  TC1187 would roll to TC1188 on the new form.

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To automatically increment your work order number in Excel with each new form, you can use a simple formula. In your example, you have the work order number in cell K7, and you want it to increase by 1 for each new form. Here's how you can do it:

  1. In cell K7, enter your initial work order number (e.g., "TC1187").
  2. In the cell where you want the new work order number to appear (e.g., K8 for the next form), enter the following formula:

=LEFT(K7, 2) & (MID(K7, 3, LEN(K7)-2) + 1)

This formula takes the first two characters (the "TC" part) of your existing work order number and adds 1 to the numerical portion (1187), then combines them to create the new work order number.

3. After you enter the formula in cell K8, it will display the new work order number (e.g., "TC1188").

4. Each time you create a new form, you can copy the content of cell K8 and paste it into cell K7 to set the new starting point for the next form.

This way, your work order number will automatically increment by 1 for each new form, based on the previous work order number. The text was created with the help of AI.

Or as alternative formula: =LEFT(K7, 2) & TEXT(VALUE(MID(K7, 3, LEN(K7)-2)) + 1, "0000")


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