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Please can someone in the community help.


I have some data in a formatted table and I am looking for a suitable formula that will help me with the following:


Column C contains a list of invoice numbers. These need to start at 4733. 

Column J shows the status of the transaction. The input can be selected from a dropdown list.


If the selected input in an individual cell in Column J is "Under Offer", or "Negotiating", then I want the corresponding cell in Column C to show "Pending", however, if the input in Column J is "Completed", or "Let", or "Sold", then I want the corresponding cell in Column C to show an invoice number which will start in cell C1 with "4733".


Please can someone help me with some guidance on the structure of the formula I need.


Many thanks




Phil Richards

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Let's say the data start in row 2.

In C2:


=IF(OR(J2={"Completed","Let","Sold"}), SUM(COUNTIF(J$2:J2, {"Completed","Let","Sold"}))+4732, "Pending")


Fill down

Thank you so much Hans it works really well. One final question, how do I amened your suggested statement so that if Column J is set to Credit Note, the input in C2 would be Credit Note 008. The next entry below would need to continue the sequence of invoice numbers.

Many thanks



Like this:

=IF(OR(J2={"Completed","Let","Sold"}), SUM(COUNTIF(J$2:J2, {"Completed","Let","Sold"}))+4732, IF(J2="Credit Note", "Credit Note 008", "Pending"))

@Hans Vogelaar 

Hi Hans, You have been so very helpful.

My formula now reads:



How do I make a final adjustment so  that when there is another credit note in the data set it comes up with the next number in the sequence i.e. credit note 009 and so on and so.


I really appreciate your input / assistance.







Since you now only look at COMPLETED, part of the formula can be simplified.



Hi Hans,
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I don't provide paid consultancy, perhaps someone else will jump in.

Thanks. No problem.
is there anyone else who might be willing / able to assist?