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Excel Formula

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I have two worksheets in one workbook. Results worksheet is named 2024 and data worksheet is named 24D. Column C in worksheet 24D contains dates in those cells. I want the date from each cell in column C to appear in a cell designated for dates on worksheet 2024, based on criteria from column B on worksheet 24D.

Example only:

On data worksheet 24D, Column B, Row 3, contains the content (or code) of 1STVMC and Column C contains the date of 14Jan24.

On the results worksheet of 2024, I want the date from Column C, Row 3 to appear in Column D, Row 4 on the results worksheet.






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Please provide more detailed information. You haven't explained why the date from row 3 on the 24D sheet should appear on row 4 of the 2024 sheet, and not on row 5 or row 37.