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My requirment is, i need to find the colum name of between E to I which is nearest matching with the vlaue of colum D.

Sl NoSupplier NameRouteRateIndex Rate1Index Rate 2Index Rate 3Index Rate 4Index Rate 5Nearest Matching
1Abc CompanyIndia-UAE $         1,100.00230015001150900800 
2Abc CompanyUAE-China $         2,000.0035003100200017001500 
3Abc CompanyGermany-UAE $         1,700.0025002100180014001200 
4Abc CompanySAUDI-UAE $             400.00650500400350250 


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With your permission, if I may recommend, describe the steps or your goal in more detail, so you could come up with a solution proposal faster and more precisely.

here is some information about it:


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An example is attached to the file.



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