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Hi, I have a stock ordering sheet where the stock in hand is 4.25 and par stock is 5 order number is .75 round up to 1, however the order value is calculating at .75 not 1



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You mean this doesn't work for you (see picture below)?





Thanks of course it works!! I was using IF

@KenH99 Just realized that you want to avoid a negative reorder qty if the qty on hand is larger than par.

Then you may use: 


Thats great thanks, i have a new issue when the on hand stock is 90 and the par stock is 96 but the re-order until is 24 how do i do that?

@KenH99 Sorry but I don't understand "the re-order until is 24". If the re-order level is not equal to par, what is it?




Sorry Riny your being extremely helpful and i havent explained very well.

the order unit is 24
so if 90 in hand and par stock is 96 re-order is 0 but its calculating 6 in the column for order value?

@KenH99 Sorry for being slow, but if the qty on hand is less than par, shouldn't you re-order then? I assumed so, thus when you are 6 short you need to re-order 24. That's what the last formula does. 


If you mean that you don't re-order until you are at least 24 short, perhaps this is what you need:



I'm just guessing.