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I am trying to pull data from a master sheet to a secondary sheet. I need a formula that pulls inactive employees to a different sheet. 

Along the lines of if A4='Inactive' pull all information on that employee to this spreadsheet. Its pulling one employe in , but cant get it right for it to search all of column A on the master spreadsheet. 




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You can use the IF and FILTER functions in Excel to extract data from your master sheet to a secondary sheet based on the condition "Inactive" in column A. Here's how you can do it:

Assuming your master sheet is called "Master" and the secondary sheet is where you want to display the inactive employees, and you want to extract all columns for those inactive employees, you can use the following formula in the first cell of the secondary sheet (e.g., cell A1):

=FILTER(Master!A1:Z100, Master!A1:A100 = "Inactive")

Here's what this formula does:

  1. FILTER function filters the data based on a condition.
  2. Master!A1:Z100 refers to the range of data in your master sheet. Adjust the range to cover all the rows and columns where your data is.
  3. Master!A1:A100 is the range in column A of your master sheet where you want to check if the value is "Inactive."
  4. "Inactive" is the condition you want to check for in column A.

This formula will extract all the rows from the master sheet where column A contains "Inactive" and display them in your secondary sheet.

You can adjust the range A1:Z100 to match the actual range of your master sheet. If you have more data or need to pull additional columns, adjust the range accordingly.

Copy this formula to the entire range where you want to display the data, and it will populate with the information of all inactive employees from the master sheet. The text was created with the help of AI.


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