Excel date issue (days between 2 dates)

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   I am having an issue with counting days between 2 dates in Excel. Picture provided, but quickly I will overview. I received help here recently on a formula which works like a charm (thank you) but problem is when the 2 dates are 10 days apart, Excel reverts to144494 for the days between (I tested this a couple of times to verify it recurred in different columns/rows). The date columns are set to "Date" and the "days between" column (BB) is set to "Number" formats respectively. The formula is here:

=IF($BA3="","",TEXT($BA3,$BA3-$D3))  (Also review the picture attached)

If I reverse the "$BA3-$D3" in the formula it is the same -144494 just minus (-) in the front.

Thank you for any help.


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This part TEXT($BA3,$BA3-$D3) makes no sense. Just $BA3-$D3 will work.

Thank you Detlef Lewin (if that is your real name) Really though, that worked and corrected the issue, thank you.