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Hi all!

Im having a tough time figuring this one out. I usually use conditional formatting to find unique entries between two columns, however I now need them to be date specific. I want it to flag if it is unique per day. 
I am reconciling between what we have on the books and what our statement says and there are some common charges that I don’t want being considered duplicate unless there was a charge for that on the same date as our records indicate. 

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Hi @Chellybean 


For this kind of things sharing a sample with the expected result (as recommended in Welcome to your Excel discussion space!) is always a good idea. Assuming I understood....




With data formatted as Table named Table1 + 2 defined names (in Name Manager):


Charge: =Table1[Charge]


Cond. Format. rule using formula that Applies To (with the above setup) =$C$5:$C$14:

=COUNTIFS(Date,$B5, Charge,$C5) = 1



 sorry for the confusion! It’s my first time posting. Above the duplicate cells are highlighted based on the dates. Even though there are other duplicate values i dont want them to highlight because they didnt occur on the same date. 

@L z. 


For conditional formatting: Simply combine the search terms with each other!

Column B:

Column D: