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           A            B           C             D               E               F                G                    H 

     NUMB    ITEM     Name      AMT       Paid Amt    LEFT    PAID/UnPaid   $/CC/###

  2        1          Shirt       JOE         50               50              0               Paid            Cash 

  3        2           Shirt      Joe           20                0             20             Unpaid               

  4        3           Shirt      


Above is an example of an excel spreadsheet I created in Conditional Formatting. Under the F2 Cell and down I used the formula =IF(ISBLANK([@Amount]),"",[@Amount]-[@[Paid Amt]]) to only  show sum values. I would like to only show paid/unpaid values under the G column in there is a value under the F column. can someone help me with the formula to be able to do that. THANK YOU. 

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@JoeTool Created a small table based on your example, believing it does what you ask for. If not, please come back here.