Excel add Windows_UserName and Current DateTime of modification in a cell WITHOUT MACROS

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Hello dear Microsoft Comunity,


I would like to have the following trick done in excel:

We have a file that will be modified by more users. The "Co-Authoring" functionality is used.

A certain column area, will be a field where users will input "ok" or "not ok". I would like to have excel automatically add the <WindowsUserName> of the person that modified the cell and the current <DateTime> right bellow the modified text or at least in a neighbouring cell.

It would look like the picture bellow.



Thank you very much in advance for your helping answeres!

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P.S. I have tried so far with the TrackChanges functionality, where a History Sheet will be created but unfortunetely this History Sheet will get automatically deleted after saving the document and I am not able to access its contents from my original sheet