Excel 365 data series goes below X axis labels in chart

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I have a data range with data points for successive date/time values. The data are number of steps in a Fitbit challenge. I wanted to chart the difference between my steps and those of one of the other competitors. I made a new column called "Anne-Don" with a formula subtracting the steps value for Don from the steps value for Anne in each row. I have pasted a screenshot of the chart below. As you can see, over time the result of the formula is sometimes positive (Anne is ahead of Don) or negative (Don is ahead of Anne). The problem is that the data series line goes below the labels for the X axis. I want the labels to be BELOW the lowest negative value on the graph. How can I accomplish this? I have tried using the "Format Axis > Alignment > Vertical alignment" and changing it from "Middle Centered" to "Bottom Centered" but that has no effect.


Excel Data Series Goes Below X Axis.jpg

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@Snoopdon In the Format Axis dialogue, under Labels, set the label position to Low and the axis labels will show at the bottom of the charting area.

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