Escape Key not working in Excel

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Hi All


I'm struggling to get out of the edit cell mode in excel. The situation is if I'm getting into the edit mode - either via F2, or by double clicking, as long as i'm pressing escape immediately after the edit mode is activated (I'm talking less than half a second), it exists the edit mode. But if I let it stay in edit mode for any longer, it just won't come out with escape key. I end up clicking outside the cell or hit enter/tab to exit the edit mode. 

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This is a known bug, introduced in a recent update. Let's hope that Microsoft repairs it quickly.

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If you're using Grammarly, try disabling it in Excel. That seems to be a new issue with the latest update. It's unfortunate, but it should solve the Esc key issue until Microsoft solves the problem on their end.

same issue, nothing seems to be fixing it



Problem solved after i uninstalled the Grammarly!

I tried that, it did not fix the problem for me.
Strike that. It wasn't the grammarly I had installed IN office but the one that was installed in windows. I didn't have to uninstall it. I shut off Grammarly and restarted Excel. Now it is working!


I disabled Grammarly in Excel, then the issue was resolved.

This did worked for me. Thanks LeeWill
Thanks! This worked for me as well!

@mjessefaulk Thank you, this worked.

Had this problem on my work and personal laptop. Quitting Grammarly fixed the issue for both!
Need not uninstall Grammarly! Just disable it for Excel; now my escape is working fine.
Thank you, this totally worked!!!
this does seem to be a work around. thanks.
wOAAAA, i dont know why grammarly effects to esc button in Excel ?


If you installed Grammarly, try to edit a cell, then right-click on the Grammarly Logo (Green), and click "turn off suggestion in Microsoft Excel". The "Esc" will come back.

@vaibhavmanchanda This issue may be happening because Grammarly is installed on your PC. You can please double-click on any cell in Excel, Once Grammely gets active then right Click on Grammerly Popup and turn off Grammerly for an hour. The issue will be solved and you won't have to uninstall Grammerly. 

Thx! this was dirving crazy. I uninstalled Grammarly, installed again ( I use it a lot!) and now all its good. Don't stop using grammarly if that is the issue, just uninstall, restart PC and install Grammarly again :).
Don't panic! :D, unistall Grammarly, restart PC, and install a new Grammarly version again, works perfectly!