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I have a Microsoft 365 subscription, recently upgraded old windows laptop for an all singing all dancing new MacBook Pro. Downloaded the apps and away I went. Everything is going okay except in Excel when I enter a formula and hit 'enter' nothing happens. The formula is still active ie if I click away into another cell it thinks I'm trying to include that in the formula- I can't figure out why this is happening. If I try to enter the formula in the formula box a similar thing happens but this time instead of entering the formula as expected the cursor moves to the start of the formula. In either the cell or formula box I cannot edit the formula without highlighting and editing the whole thing- it simply moves the cursor to the beginning of the formula.


It's driving me mad! Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


Many thank 

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Select Preferences from the Excel menu.

Go to Edit.

Make sure that the check box "After pressing Return, move selection" is ticked.

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Thanks for your reply. I have checked and it is already ticked. Thanks again 


Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 12.24.14.png


Thanks. I'm afraid I don't know what causes the problem then.

Thanks for your help :)

I have the same problem. @MrsXmas did you find the solution for this?

Is your column formatted as text if so try changing it to Number or General

Thank you for the tip, @Tanya Denton, however the column is formatted as General already. When I type and press enter, instead of adding what I type to the cell and move on to next, it drops down autofill list to select an item close to what I type.