Drop Down List VLOOKUP across multiple columns and sheets

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I'm having some trouble trying to figure out how to use VLOOKUP based on the drop-down to auto-populate several columns to different rows in order to set ticket pricing. 

Excel 1.png

The top Sheet (we will call Sheet 1) is where I want all of the information to flow. 

I created a drop-down menu in Sheet 1 - B6 from 'Sheet 2' and used VLOOKUP between two sheets to pull Configuration, Facility, and Sellable Capacity into Sheet 1. 


Now, here comes the part I am struggling with. 

I would like the data in Columns E through O from 'Sheet 2' to populate B16:B26 in Sheet 1 based on the selected Configuration Code from the drop-down menu.

Hall 2.png

I've tried a couple of things, and I can't seem to get the formula right. 





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It will be great if you clarify

- on which Excel platform/version you are

- where are columns B, O, etc mentioned in the post