Embedding Excel into Word

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I create a report in excel with all the correct formatting. I used Excel custom formatting to add a space at the end of a positive number to allow aligning of digits in the column. In Excel, it looks good but once I embed the Excel name range into a Word doc, it drops the ending space and all the numbers are out of alignment. I dont want to have to manually format all the numbers in the word doclet.

The goal is to align the thousand separator comma so positive numbers have an extra space at the end to allow for the closing parenthesis for the negative numbers.

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In this day and age where color printers are ubiquitous, why not display negative numbers in red.

(That would obviate the need to allow for parentheses altogether.)


@mathetes Because the US government is not that creative and do not need to see color. They do need to see it in a very boring black and white format with all the numbers aligned. 



A couple of ideas, then.


  1. I know Word allows for some formal alignment variations; not sure whether there's one around decimal (as opposed to the thousands separating comma). You might ask on the Word equivalent to this Excel forum.
  2. How about embedding the Excel section in the Word document as an image rather than as "live" data? Especially if whatever the document is, it ends up in PDF rather than as a "live"--editable--Word doc, that might be a way around the issue, if none other can be found.