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I had a question regarding excel, and I could not find the solution on the Internet.


I wanted to know if I could make a dynamic summary, including page number at real time.


That way, if i include a new page in my excel table, everything would change in the summary.


You can find below a screenshot, refering to what I am thinking about.




I apologize for my bad english and my lack of knowledge at Excel, I am just a beginner on it.


Thank you. 

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I suspect that it IS possible, but I do not know the answer for certain in Excel. I know it would be possible in Word, so that's why I assume Excel too can accomplish that.


However, for the sake of others who are still more familiar with the nuances of Excel, may I ask you to elaborate a bit more. Is the full document to which the page numbers refer all contained in Excel, in a single workbook, perhaps with multiple tabs? Is it composed from multiple workbooks? In other words, give us a more complete picture of what lies "behind" this summary index.

Hello @mathetes .

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, i could have been more accurate with my request.

I am refering to one workbook, including multiple tabs.

Depending on the job, I may have to multiply some tabs.

My summary index has to refer every tabs of the workbook, as well as the page numbers.

Example : Organization chart "from 7 to 8"

I hope that this time I was clear enough.

Thank you for your help, it is really appreciated.

And now I will have to defer to others here on these pages who have more experience with creating reports from that kind of maximum usage of a workbook.