#DIV/0! Error

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I have a spreadsheet of grades that require a scaled score. The original sheet is downloaded from our textbook computer program. I have added a line under the raw score to create a row of scaled scores and created a formula to correctly scale the scores. Now I need to average the scaled scores. Even when all the grades are complete, I'm still getting the #DIV/0! error message.


If it matters, the formula used on the Scaled Scores row is: 

=IF(C8="Not Started", " ", IF(C8="In Progress", " ", IF(C8>81, "100", IF(C8>=61, "93", IF(C8>=41, "85", IF(C8>=21, "75", IF(C8>=1, "60", IF(C8=0, "50"))))))))


Realize Gradebook Export           
All scores shown as percentages          
Date Range: August 7, 2023 - September 6, 2023         
Program Selected: All Programs          
Student NameAverage Score8/23/2023 - 1-1: Quick Check8/24/2023 - 1-2: Quick Check8/25/2023 - 1-3: Quick Check8/26/2023 - 1-4: Quick Check8/29/2023 - 1-5: Quick Check8/30/2023 - 1-6: Quick Check8/31/2023 - 1-7: Quick Check9/1/2023 - 1-8: Quick Check9/2/2023 - 1-9: Quick Check9/7/2023 - Topic 1 Online Assessment  
S1 Raw8580Not StartedNot StartedNot Started8310080806073  
S1 Scaled 93   10010093938593#DIV/0! 
S2 Raw2840200033332020Not StartedNot Started 
S2 Scaled 7560505075756060    
S3 Raw3360600Not StartedNot StartedNot Started0202033  
S3 Scaled 858550   50606075  
S4 Raw364040404017172020040  
S4 Scaled 75757575606060605075#DIV/0! 
S5 Raw6380In ProgressIn Progress40838340402080  
S5 Scaled 93  7510010075756093  
S6 Raw681008060408350In Progress602040  
S6 Scaled 10093857510085 856075  
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=IF(C8="Not Started", " ", IF(C8="In Progress", " ", IF(C8>81, 100, IF(C8>=61, 93, IF(C8>=41, 85, IF(C8>=21, 75, IF(C8>=1, 60, IF(C8=0, 50))))))))


In the attached example i've entered this formula in C9 and filled across C9:L9. The average formula in cell M9 returns the intended result. I've changed e.g.   "85" to 85 because  "85" is a text value and 85 is a number value which can be used for calculation.





Worked perfectly. Thank you!