Default/no fill colour is grey

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Hi all,


I have an issue with my Excel that I haven't been able to shift - wondering if anyone on here can help.


The default colour for a sheet in a workbook, whether I'm creating a new one or opening an existing workbook, is a kind of mid-grey rather than the usual white. I can colour a cell white, but then if I clear formatting it'll revert to that grey. Specifically, the colour is R205, G207, B212. Snip attached to show what I mean - all I've done in that snip is create the table and colour a strip of cells white and black to show the difference.





I've tried playing around with Themes and Colors, and even uninstalling Office entirely and starting again - nothing has made any difference. I can colour things white, but I can't change the 'no colour' colour to white.


I have no idea how to change this! Any help much appreciated.

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The first place to look is the Normal style and see what the Fill property is set to.  I use such a fill intentionally to prevent cells being displayed in areas that I have not assigned to be part of my model by declaring ranges as Input (I use white rather than the ginger default) or Calculation (also white fill).


If it is the normal style then the jolly little stripy tables would need alternate lines set to white rather than no fill.


Hi Peter,


Looks like the Fill property is set to No Shading. I can change that to white, but if I do that then clearing the fill on a cell returns it to grey, so it's not ideal.


Normal style is for the current workbook only. IF XLSTART folder is empty (how to find depends on version it's better to re-install the Office.


Simple re-install won't help since office keeps all settings, you need to uninstall with fix or fix manually

That seems to have fixed it. Thank you!