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I am using the dutch version of excel and therefore the function DATUMVERSCHIL which means datediff. Here I manage to depict the difference, however I only want the cell to depict the difference in days. As such I now use the following function: =DATUMVERSCHIL($C3;$D3;"d"). Though this provides a rather strange outcome: "02-03-1900" (see attachment). I hope this makes sense and that you can help me with the visualization of only the days in storage. 


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Simply select the cells with the DATEDIF (DATUMVERSCHIL) formula and set the number format to General (Standaard).


You may simply use

=TODAY() - <Start date>

If no format was applied to Days in storage, in general both above and DATEDIF() by default shall return same result in General format, i.e. number of days.

If Date format is applied for some reason, it gives the same value but Date format. Dates in Excel are actually sequential numbers starting from 1, which is belong to 01 Jan 1900 (on Windows).

Thanks very much. indeed I missed the number notation function of the cell @HansVogelaar