Date and Time value in cell is different from Formula Bar

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I am working on csv file which has datetime column. When I selected a cell from that column, I see different format and number in Formula Bar than in the cell. 


I am using cell F2 as example in the below screenshot




Data in Formula Bar:  01-11-2017 00:00:02

Data in cell: 00:02.4


When I read the cell using python script, I need it to be displayed as 2017-11-01 00:00:02.430


Can you suggest me necessary changes in csv file so that I can get above mentioned format while imported into python script !!


Thank you

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Date/time values always appear in that format in the formula bar. It is hard coded and can't be changed.

However the number format in cell F2 can be changed.

If you switch to General you will see a decimal number above 40000.


Thanks for the reply. But, the date is missing in the cell. Is there any way that both date and time be visible in the cell ??
The date is not missing. It is the number formatting. Change it.