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Hello everybody,

I have two random names list in Column-C and Column-J and three blank Columns as F, G and H. The complete list of names including their relevant data is in Columns J, K, L and M. All I want is that data to be placed on Column F, G and H upon matching names in Column-C with Column-J. Any help in form of Macro or formula will greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.



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@A2Z CF Depending on your Excel version, look into VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP. Many examples are found on line. No VBA needed.



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An alternative could be INDEX and MATCH.
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Thank you so much for the long-term solution. I appreciate it very much
Thank you again
Awesome! Thank you so much for providing solution for a very complex problem. It works really great! I appreciate it very much. Thanks once again