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I have a table showing concentrations for a lot of samples. Every sample has a specified type (A, B, C) and sub type (x, z). Finaly, there are alert limits depending on the concentration (level 1-3). Conditional formatting highlights the concentration alert level.


Now I want to use COUNTIFS to retrieve the number of sample based on their type and alert level. The formula I use return 0. Can't figure out the correct synthax. This is the formula (in French) for type A and alert level between 1 and 2:




I wish this post allowed to attach the Excel file. ANywHere is a preview of the table:




PS: A cell with "-" means no concentration test on the sample and "<1,0" means undetectable concentration (but not necessarily equal to zero).



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Take the cell references $D15 and $E15 out of the quotes: