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I have a Stripe payments report exported into Excel. However the Description Column ( say Column A) only records new text Order Numbers. So if a transaction has 12 items on 12 rows say A1 to A12 it has only text in the first row A1. I need the text order number in every line.

If I create a new column B what is the IF formula I should write to check if A has text to copy it into B, if A  is blank then copy the text that was copied in the previous row ?

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In B1: =A1

In B2: =IF(A2="",B1,A2)

Fill down.


As an alternative, fill in the blanks in column A itself:

  • Select column A.
  • Press F5 or Ctrl+G to activate the Go To dialog.
  • Click Special...
  • Select Blanks, then click OK.
  • The blank cells in column A are now selected; A2 should be the active cell in the selection.
  • Enter the formula =A1 and confirm it with Ctrl+Enter to populate the entire selection.