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Hello. I'm doing an assignment where I'm given a blank budget template for 1 month and I'm required to record my own budget for 3 months. 


As stated, I'm given a blank template for month one, I need to copy this template for month 2 and 3. I've tried 3 different ways of copying the excel sheet: 


  1. Highlighting and copying/pasting with "keep source formatting" into a new sheet.
  2. Right-clicking on the sheet and selecting "create a copy"
  3. Having two excel windows open in split view and dragging the desired sheet from one window to the other.

Every time I add the new "copied" sheet I lose some functionality of the graphs that are on these sheets.  although I've specifically requested to keep the formatting or copy the sheet. 


Is this some type of glitch? or am I doing something wrong? 


Please advise. 



Navin {ersaud.  

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It's worth mentioning that the original budget template is an Excel worksheet

@Navin_Persaud Option number two should work as it copies everything. (formats and objects like charts). Can't really tell why it doesn't work for you. Could you share a link to the template (Onedrive, Dropbox or similar)? It would be easier to help that way.


However, I wonder why you would want to create separate sheets for every month. Of course, if that is explicitly required by the assignment, so be it. But, it would be best practice to gather all budget information for all three months in one table. Then you can use one of Excel's many features to summarise/analyse the numbers. Just an idea!

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thanks for your interest. I still haven't found a solution and the due date is inching up.

Heres the link:!Aoc_sAi75CEjg4tAu-zIZ9MTqzM5Fg?e=f7YIpz

As you can see Im given the first month and expected to copy and make 2 new months.

When I do so, the round bar graph at the top does not respond to input changes in the monthly income or monthly expenses column as it does in the January sheet.

Then If I save and close the file when I reopen it, the value at the round graph no longer shows up as a percentage. Which can be changed, but its still not responsive to input.

Please advise.

Navin Persaud.


OK, this is yet another example of a badly designed template. To begin with, the chart is linked to a hidden sheet called Chart Data. And that sheet contains a few formulas linked to named ranges in the January sheet.

When you copy January to new sheets and rename them to February and March the structured tables and named ranges in it will be duplicated. The formulas within each sheet continue to work, but the (hidden) chart data still points to the totals from the January sheet. 

So, you'll need to replicate the chart data for February and March by pointing it to the correct named ranges in the sheets for February and March. Then change the source for the charts in February and March to the correct data.

Quite a lot of manual work and prone to error if you try to go too quick. 

Thanks for the advice, but I'm truly lost with that now.

I dont understand how to do what u said. and Im not sure how to do that!

May I kindly ask that you please assist me in replicating these slides?

Navin Persaud

@Navin_Persaud Here it is. No guarantees though. I did this in a hurry.

Eureka! It works!
You are truly a Gentleman & a Scholar! Thank you so much for your help!

Happy Holidays!

Navin Persaud