Converting Excel with Formulas to HTML code or web page

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I have created a calculator in excel and I would like to share it with my student so they can find out their age category.

is it possible to share it like a web page or convert it to HTML to put on my school website? 


I want a box that when my students enter their Date of birth, then automatically they get their age category that they are in for the current academic year.


I attached the file 


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Have you tried exporting it to Google Sheets? That might be the easiest way....easily linked as well.
Yes, I did that but the google sheet problem is that everyone can edit it at the same time. So when one student is typing their data, the other students can delete it at the same time. Only one student at a time can enter data into the sheet.
I believe there's a way to require users to make their own copy before they can edit it. In other words, to protect your own copy...
I can require them to make their own copy, but it's not convenient for them to copy it first and use it as they only use it once in the year. If I can have it as a web page, it should be a better option.
Well, back to the original Idea, Google Sheets. Maybe one user could wait, what, two minutes for the other to finish?
Or you could mail your Excel to each student and have them use it once and let you know....

Let's not make a mountain out of a molehill.