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How to convert the pdf to excel

I just used the online version but it convert the picture format.

is it possible to convert ?

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@ajmal pottekattil yoousuf 

just used the online version

No PC version?


This pdf need OCR.


Try this

@ajmal pottekattil yoousuf 

Excel Online does not have a built-in feature for directly converting PDF files to Excel, so far I know. Excel Online primarily focuses on spreadsheet creation, editing, and collaboration within a web browser.

Converting PDF files to Excel can be done using various other/indirect methods, and the success of the conversion depends on the complexity of the PDF content.


One of the methods, Microsoft offers a feature in OneDrive where you can open a PDF file with Word Online and then convert it to an editable Word document. After converting to Word, you can open the document in Excel and extract the table data.

Here is a general guide to check if you have this feature:

1. Upload PDF to OneDrive:

Sign in to your OneDrive account.

Upload the PDF file to your OneDrive storage.

2. Open PDF in Word Online:

Right-click on the PDF file in OneDrive.

Select "Open with" and choose "Word" from the options.

3. Convert to Word Document:

In Word Online, make any necessary edits to the text.

Save the document in Word Online.

4. Open Word Document in Excel Online:

Open the edited Word document in Excel Online.

Copy and paste the table data into a new or existing Excel workbook.


If you do not see the "Open with" option for Word, it is possible that your organization or account may have specific settings that affect this functionality.

Keep in mind that the ability to convert PDFs to Word documents might not be as precise as dedicated PDF-to-Excel converters, and the results can vary based on the complexity of the PDF content.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking the official Microsoft OneDrive documentation or support resources, as features may evolve over time. Additionally, you can explore any new features introduced in your region or specific account settings. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


Additionla Informations:

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