Conditional Formatting Not Working

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I am trying to use conditional formatting and it is not working properly. I need the cells that are 74 or below to show a red icon and 75 and above showing a green icon. I am still getting red icons for 75%.

Attached is a picture that I am putting in. Capture.PNG

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Hi @lesliannd2,


Clear Rules for the above cells and Apply Correctly. I doing the same. It works fine.


The only difference is type is specified as Percent.


I've attached a sample file too.


See the image.



Thank you for your help. 73% should be red though not green.


Red 74 or below

Green 75 or above


Thats the issue I am having.  



Don't mix % & numbers





If you specify percents you specify percents of you range ignoring blank cells. That doesn't matter how do you format numbers in your range - as percents, decimals, whatever

Hi @lesliannd2


Is this right, @SergeiBaklan



I literally can not get it. I have been working on it for 3 days now and it's driving me crazy. :( Any help would be greatly appreciated the 75% is still staying Red.


I need 74 or below in RED

I need 75 or above in GREEN  

I guess you need in green not above 75, but above 75%. Other words above 0.75



It worked perfectly! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciateyour help!