Conditional Formatting - multiple column values

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I'm wanting to use conditional formatting to cross out names in a list in column I if dates in column A are within 7 days and same name appears in column B

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You can try this rule for conditional formatting. The dates have to be within 7 days of today.


This is the "applies to" range in the example.

conditional formatting.JPG

Thank you so much I'll give it a shot!
Hmm... that doesn't seem to be working, I'm not getting an error it's just not doing anything. I'm wondering if I'm going to have to enter every name in an IF function. I was hoping I didn't need to do that.


Does it work in the attached file?

No, it appeared as though it was but when I entered Bert into 10/28 it didn't cross him out


What does 10/28 mean and can you describe as precisely as possible what you want to do? Ideally can you give some examples of your expected result?

10/28 is October 28th, I need to keep a log of calls that I review. My supervisor don't want me to review anyone that I have already reviewed in the last 7 days - essentially I have a master list of every rep that is recorded, I want the conditional formatting to automatically cross them off of the list if they have been reviewed in the last 7 days.


Thank you now I understand what should be done.

conditional formatting.JPG